berte & harmey is an artist duo formed by Filip Berte (BE) and Cliona Harmey (IE) to share research and to explore ideas around spatial politics, human geography, historical legacies and socio-technical systems of exclusion and inclusion. Of particular interest to both artists are ideas around visibility/invisibility, occlusion, machine vision and social justice. berte & harmey have shown their work as part of Tulca 2022 (Galway), at Hugh Lane Gallery and (Open House Dublin 2022), NCAD Gallery (Dublin) and Blanco (Ghent).

Belgian architect and visual artist Filip Berte (Ghent, 1976) explores space from multiple perspectives looking at issues such as migration, visibility, liminality, and the concept of borders. A critical engagement is integral to his interdisciplinary and process-oriented art practice.

Cliona Harmey (1970) works primarily with technology subtly exploring the politics inherent in both contemporary and historical socio-technical systems using material exploration and hands-on artistic practice to try to understand /reveal their materiality and logic.